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Read our Application form below and the conditions therein. And if you agree to our terms, simply cut out the Application form, complete it and return it to us, by e-mail or fax, or you can fill out our online form and submit it.

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Phuket Land Ltd.
115/1 Kalim, Patong, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand.
Tel  :  001-66-76-340348, 340207.  Fax  :  001-66-76-340692.
e-mail :

I  hereby apply to become a registered client of  Phuket Land
Ltd's "LandSearch" computerized property information service. I
understand that as a registered client of "LandSearch" I will be able
to receive property listings that match the criteria of my area of
interest, as described below, and that over the next 12 months, I will,
as and when requested, be entitled to receive updated or new listings
that match my criteria.

I understand that so long as I abide with the conditions given below,
I will not be liable to pay Phuket Land Ltd. any Finders Fee, should I
enter into a contract for long term lease or purchase a property
described to me by "LandSearch". 

However if I enter into short term lease or rental contract, I agree to
pay Phuket Land Ltd. a Finders Fee equal to one half of the first months
rent or 10% of the total value of the rent contract and any extensions
thereof - if this shall be a lower sum.
Conditions :

1.  I accept that information concerning any properties provided to me
    through "LandSearch" are the sole property of Phuket Land Ltd and
    that I will not, without prior approval from Phuket Land Ltd, divulge
    that information to any other person and in the event that  I do
    divulge that information to any other person,

    * I will immediately inform Phuket Land Ltd. of the names, addresses
       and telephone numbers of those persons.

    * I will be personally liable to ensure that such persons to whom I
      have divulged the information are bound by all of these conditions
      in the same way as if they were a registered client of "LandSearch".

2.    I agree that if I enter into negotiation with the owner (or any
      agent of the owner) of a property introduced to me through
      "LandSearch", I will inform that owner that my introduction to
      their property was directly from Phuket Land Ltd.

3.    I agree to inform Phuket Land Ltd. immediately I enter into long
      term lease or purchase negotiations for a property introduced to
      me through "LandSearch" and to keep them regularly posted as to
      the progress of negotiations.

4.    In the event that I breach any of these conditions and/or perform
      any other act (deliberate or otherwise) which could void the sale
      commission that the owner of a property introduced to me by
      "LandSearch" would otherwise be bound to pay Phuket Land Ltd.
      upon the sale of their property, then I agree to pay  a Finders
      Fee to Phuket Land Ltd. of a sum equal to the avoided commission.

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the letter and spirit of
the above conditions and confirm my application to become  a registered
client of "LandSearch". 

Signed ________________________    Date  ____________________

Phuket Land Ltd.     CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM       "LandSearch"

First Name _______________________ Family Name ________________________

Home Address __________________________________________________________

Phone number _____________________ Fax number _________________________

e-mail address ___________________ Date next in Phuket ________________

To help us select properties that might interest you, please tick one 
(or more) of the boxes in each group. Please consider your selections
carefully. The fewer the boxes you  mark in each category, the more
specific the information we can provide you.


[  ] Family House         [  ] Town House              [  ] Shop House

[  ] Estate House         [  ] Apartment/Condo     [  ] House Plot        

[  ] Undeveloped land  [  ] Commercial property (specify) _____________

     PURCHASE (or rental term)

[  ] Freehold purchase         [  ] Long lease (30 + + years)

[  ] Short Lease. Specify _________________Years/Months.


[  ] One bedroom         [  ] Two bedroom        [  ] Three bedroom

[  ] Over 3 bedrooms   [  ] Under 80 Sq.m.      [  ] 80 Sq.m to 120 Sq.m

[  ] 120 - 200 Sq.m.      [  ] Over 200 Sq.m.  (1 Sq.m. = apx. 10 Sq. feet) 


[  ] Anywhere          [  ] Patong              [  ] Karon

[  ] Kata                   [  ] Kamala             [  ]  Surin

[  ] Phuket Town      [  ] Kathu               [  ] Chalong

[  ] Rawai                 [  ] Other. Please specify _____________________

     LAND SIZE (in Square Meters)

[  ] Under 400 Sq.m.   [  ] 400 to 1600 Sq.m.  [  ] Over 1600 Sq.m.

     PURCHASE BUDGET (in millions of Baht - 1 million Baht = 32,000 USD)

     Detailed current exchange rate information (for all currencies) can be
     obtained from  Thai Farmers Bank 

[  ] 1.0 to 3.0 million       [  ] 3.0 to 5.0 million      [  ] 5.0 to 10.0 million
[  ] 10.0 to 15.0 million   [  ] Over 15.0 million      [  ] Specify _________


[  ] Beach Front               [  ] Ocean view              [  ] Walking dist. to beach

     REQUIRED SPECIFICATION (would not consider a property that was not)

[  ] Beach Front               [  ] Ocean view              [  ] Walking dist. to beach


[  ] Permanent Home      [  ] Second Home           [  ] Investment

     OTHER REQUIREMENTS  Please specify








Signed ________________________    Date  ______________________________

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